Data analysis to guide CHW program expansion

Cameroon recently launched a new National Community Health Strategy 2021-2025, which states as a key objective, to expand community health worker (CHW) services to all health districts in the country. The expansion of its CHW program, will be critical for increasing access to essential health services, particularly amongst populations that are hardest-to-reach and most vulnerable. Determining the highest priority geographic areas for CHW expansion is critical for the program to optimize resource allocation for greatest impact. However, data and analyses to guide CHW expansion are often unavailable or suboptimal. 

Through the PMI Insights project, PATH is working with Cameroon’s Ministry of Public Health and National Malaria Control Program to support a data-driven approach to guide the expansion of their CHW program. Using available data on Cameroon’s CHW program and from their health management information system, PATH is modeling where CHW expansion would be the most impactful within a given resource envelope. Study activities began in June 2022 and results are anticipated to be available in April 2023. 
Research question:  In Cameroon, where would CHW expansion be the most impactful within a given resource envelope?

Study team: PATH

Timeline: June 2022 – April 2023